Solar light pole at embankment


Here you can find the latest downloads of the Soluxio catalogue, our product brochures, and some datasheets. The Soluxio solar technology can be used on many product applications. The technology is completely modular, and can therefore be well customised.

The information you can find below is only a part of the portfolio. Are you looking for more detailed specifications? Then please contact our sales department. They will be happy to provide you with a customised quote!

In addition to these brochures, it is also possible to receive 2D drawings and 3D files. This allows you to visualise your designs even better and allows (landscape) architects to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the computer models.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help you!

Customized offer

Soluxio solar products

Soluxio Catalogue
Soluxio Catalogue (EN)
Soluxio Catalogue (ES)
Soluxio Catalogue (FR)
Soluxio solar pole leaflet
Soluxio light pole
Soluxio solar road sign leaflet
Soluxio solar road sign
Soluxio Connect wifi hotspot leaflet
Soluxio Connect
Soluxio NxT solar bollard leaflet
Soluxio NxT (EN)
Soluxio NxT Road bollard leaflet
Soluxio NxT Road (EN)

Soluxio solar light poles

Soluxio solar light columns come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for every application. Soluxio lighting columns are in beautiful locations such as parks, boulevards, embankments, courtyard gardens and historical sites. The lighting columns can be configured entirely according to your wishes so that they fit in well with your project. There are many options to choose from, such as materials, colour, finish and type of luminaire.

Soluxio is available in a range of standard models. You can find some leaflets below. For more ellaborated specifications, please contact our sales department.
It is also possible to customise the lighting column. We are happy to listen to your needs and have a design team ready for you!

Soluxio P110 brochure
Soluxio P110 (EN)

Soluxio P110

1 Solar panels
4-8 Meter
1 Luminaire
Max. 60 Watt LED
Many options

Soluxio P220 brochure
Soluxio P220 (EN)

Soluxio P220

2 Solar panels
5-12 Meter
1 Luminaire
Max. 80 Watt LED
Many options

Soluxio P220D brochure
Soluxio P220D (EN)

Soluxio P220D

2 Solar panels
5-12 Meter
2 Luminaires
Max. 80 Watt LED
Many options

Soluxio P330D lichtmast
Soluxio P330 (EN)

Soluxio P330

3 Solar panels
6-12 Meter
2 Luminaires
Max. 120 Watt LED
Many options

Soluxio P330D brochure
Soluxio P330D (EN)

Soluxio P330D

3 Solar panels
6-12 Meter
2 Luminaires
Max. 120 Watt LED
Many options

Soluxio solar lichtmast P440D
Soluxio P440D (EN)

Soluxio P440D

4 Solar panels
7-12 Meter
2 Luminaires
Max. 160 Watt LED
Many options

Luminaires for Soluxio solar light poles

Almost any type of luminaire can be connected to a Soluxio solar light tower. This means that a suitable lighting column can be put together for any type of project that blends in with the streetscape. Soluxio has its own range of luminaires but also works perfectly with luminaires from other manufacturers such as Signify, Schreder, Innolumis, Setga and many others!

Download the data sheets of the Soluxio FSA luminaires below.

Are you looking for a lighting plan for your project? Please contact us via the request form.

FSA-01 Solar lamp
FSA-01 (EN)
FSA-02 Solar lamp
FSA-02 (EN)
FSA-03 Solar lamp
FSA-03 (EN)
FSA-04 Solar lamp
FSA-04 (EN)
FSA-05 Solar lamp
FSA-05 (EN)
FSA-MOT-01 Motion Sensor

Technical drawings and files

The Soluxio solar products are designed and made by FlexSol Solutions. The company is continuously innovating. It has years of experience in collaborative projects with partners, customers, lighting designers and landscape architects. This offers many opportunities. We can easily provide you with 2D and 3D models according to your requirements and wishes.  Send us an e-mail at with your request and project description, and we will help you!

It is also possible to create your own design based on the Soluxio solar technology. Several unique light fittings have already been realised in this way. It is also possible to put together the dimensions and finish as desired. Solar technology is also well suited to supplying energy to many applications. We would like to hear how we can help you further.

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