Soluxio smartlight at night

The solar light pole that always works

Soluxio is designed to work always, on any location. Soluxio is designed as an integrated system. Each component is designed by FlexSol Solutions, to get the most out of the energy of the sun. The beautiful curved solar panels, state-of-the-art hardware, efficient LED technology and dedicated software, all work together to realise the best performance possible.

This means the solar pole can stand on its own, providing electricity in even the most remote places.

The modular design of Soluxio makes it possible to offer a configuration that works, for any project.

  • 100% sustainable solar power
  • Light on impossible locations
  • Instant return on investment
  • Smart city ready
  • Modular design for optimal configuration for any project
Solar powered parking lot light

Vertical solar panels

FlexSol Solutions manufactures unique curved solar panels. In the patented manufacturing process, highly efficient mono-crystalline silicon PV cells are integrated in cylindrical solar modules.

Next to the beautiful looks of the solar panels, the advantages of vertical curved solar panels are huge. No dirt and dust will stick because of the vertical orientation and the use of top quality borosilicate glass. The cylindrical panels are able to withstand high wind speeds. And with the cylindrical shape, the solar module will always captures sunlight at an optimal angle, resulting in maximum power generation.

To make the solar modules, FlexSol uses only the best cells available on the market. The cells have the highest efficiency in the market (>24%). These top quality solar cells are also used in high-end flat solar panels. In comparison to flexible solar panels (such as thin-film), the Soluxio curved solar panels are not bendeable, but have a much higher efficiency. The solar module efficiency is tested by an independent certification company.

The solar modules serve as separate power blocks. Depending on your requirements the solar modules can be stacked upon each other, from 1 up to 4 modules per pole. By doing so, FlexSol can offer an optimal solution for any project on any location in the world.

  • High-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells
  • Moist, dust and snow repellent
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Stackable solar module design
  • Modular design for optimized design for every project
Camera met zonnetechnologie

Smart control electronics with advanced software

Soluxio is the most advanced solar light pole on the market, due to the on-board hardware and software. The solar pole works fully automatically, and is truly plug-and-play. Years of development have resulted in a pole which is easy to install, easy to use and easy to monitor. Soluxio is equipped with built-in GPS and an astronomical clock, to know the exact time, date and location. With this, the pole automatically adapts to sunset and sunrise. Soluxio will always light up at the right time, at any location on earth. Every Soluxio solar pole is connected to the internet, which makes remote monitoring possible.

To monitor your solar pole installations, an API is made available. With this, you can remotely monitor each installation on your own chosen asset-management software. Please get in touch here to learn more about this service. Performance data of each pole is analyzed to improve the performance of the solar pole with AI-algorithms. In this way, the pole will perform better over time, even years after installation.  On top of this, it is possible to perform over-the-air updates.  This keeps the solar light pole secure, up-to-date and accessible to the latest features and innovation.

  • Custom electronics for optimal performance
  • Always connected with GPS & 4G LTE
  • Smart algorithms
  • Remote monitoring
Design solar light poles at roundabout

Powerful lighting

Soluxio solar technology is light fixture independent, which meanst it can be used with any LED-luminaire brand. Or make a choice from Soluxio’s own range of luminaires. Next to regular lamps, Soluxio solar poles can be fitted with bat-friendly & turtle-friendly lighting. These type of wildlife friendly luminaires only emit wavelengths over 560 nm, and thus minimize the disturbance for precious (noctorial) wildlife.

Soluxio can be equipped with dark-sky compliant luminaires.

Depending on your requirements, the optimal design will be configured by the Soluxio team. Each Soluxio can be equipped with 1 or 2 luminaires.

  • LED: effective & efficient
  • Manufacturer independent
  • Wildlife-Friendly lighting available
  • Dark sky compliant lighting available
Solar powered light pole

Maximum power, maximum performance

FlexSol Solutions has extensive experience in the field of power conversion and efficiency. The key to maximizing the amount of power generated per solar panel is to implement maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in the power conversion process; a process nobody knows better than FlexSol Solutions. The solar modules are equipped with 4 individual maximum power point trackers per module: one optimizer for each row of 8 solar cells. This allows them to generate maximum power. The MPPTs used in Soluxio are made specifically for our curved solar panels, and are therefore much more efficient than off-the-shelf power converters.

  • Dedicated solar electronics
  • Most efficient available in the market
  • Power optimisation for 360 degrees
  • 4 Maximum power point channels per solar module
Solar technology battery

High-quality lithium battery

Soluxio is equipped with the best batteries available on the market. The Soluxio Lithium NMC battery are highly efficient, have a large capacity, offer long autonomy and have a long lifetime. This all results in a low total cost of ownership, and are cheaper than lead-acid batteries. The batteries are conveniently stored inside the Soluxio pole, behind the maintenance hatch. This results in easily installation and maintenance. Furthermore, the risks of flooding are much lower in comparison to batteries which are installed underground.

The Soluxio batteries are highly-efficient: the batteries have a 97% turnaround efficiency. This in contrast to lead-acid batteries, where the turnaround efficiency is 75%.  The batteries can withstand cold, hot and humid climates, and can operate between -20C to 60C Celsius. The batteries last up to 10 years at 60% DOD. FlexSol gives warranty for 3 years by default and up to 5 years depending on the installing conditions.

Read more about why FlexSol only uses lithium batteries here.

  • Lithium batteries, also used in new electric cars
  • Best performance
  • Long lifetime
Smart solar parking lot lighting

World-class solar light columns

Only high-quality materials are used in Soluxio products. For the solar masts, we partner together with world-leading column manufacturers. We offer marine-grade aluminum, galvanized steel and wooden columns. Column height for solar light poles ranges from 3 – 12 meters, depending on the project requirements and the column material. Columns can be equipped with different brackets for light fixture mounting, such as a double head fixture, single head fixture, top fixture and more. A wide range of column finishes is available. The columns can be finished galvanized, anodized, powder coated, double layer powder coated, wet painted, or deco coated (e.g. wood-like finish). Processed in the Netherlands, Europe, this is the high quality finish that truly makes your project look good.

The aluminum Soluxio columns can be equipped with a passive safety mechanism (100NE3) in the base of the column. With this mechanism the impact in case of a car crash is minimized for the car, driver and column. Read more about this here.

Various foundation types can be used to anchor the Soluxio in the ground. The pole can be buried by placing the column directly in the ground, or can be placed on a concrete foundation by making use of a base plate. Optionally, we can offer a special ground screw for extremely quick and easy installation without digging, with the possibility to easily (re)move the pole again if needed.

  • 3-12 meters
  • Aluminum, Steel or Wooden Columns
  • Several finishes available: anodizing, powder coating and more
  • Durable columns for long lifetime
  • Crash-friendly columns available
Smart city solar lighting

Smart city ready

Soluxio technology is smart city ready. The advanced technology makes it possible to connect a range of smart city sensors. Think of air quality sensors, WiFi equipment, CCTV, dB-meters, motion sensors, and much more. The installed smart solar poles can be monitored online, since every smart solar pole is connected to the internet. This makes asset management easy. Make use of Soluxio API to connect the systems to your current monitoring software.

It is possible to connect your own smart city device to Soluxio technology, for example via PoE or PoE+. This makes it possible to power your device without grid-connection.  Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities and benefits for your project.

  • Remote monitoring and asset management
  • Add appliances: CCTV, WiFi, motion sensors, air quality measurement, and many more.
  • Power your device, off-grid

Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain

Soluxio is plug-and-play. Installation is easy and fast, and does not require any special tools or knowledge. This makes it possible to install a Soluxio solar light pole in less than 45 minutes. See the video for a demonstration. Next to this, Soluxio is easy to use. It requires no configuration. The light turns on automatically at sunset and turns off at sunrise. No need to set-up. If you’d like to keep track of your lighting installation, Soluxio smart solar technology features advanced monitoring possibilities. The poles can be connected to your preferred monitoring software This all makes Soluxio solar technology the best choice for your project.

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