The Soluxio solar illuminated road sign post at intersection in the Netherlands

Solar Illuminated Road Sign

Soluxio’s solar-powered illuminated sign post

The traditional, grid connected, illuminated directional signs are very expensive to install and to maintain. Especially for example in the middle of a roundabout, where standard electricity cables need to be trenched to the road signage. Consequently, this leads to road blocks, traffic nuisance and additional costs.

The Soluxio solar illuminated road sign is a 100% solar powered. So it doesn’t require cabling or invasive trenching in order to install. And because of the plug-and-play design the Soluxio solar direction sign is installed within 45 minutes.

How does it work?

After sunset the road signs internally illuminate. This happens with clean solar energy generated during the day by FlexSol’s unique cylindrical solar panels. Consequently, important road information becomes much better visible to road users.

Overall, this greatly enhances road safety and it provides road users more convenience, as they have more time to respond and prepare for a turn or intersection.

The Soluxio solar-powered sign post at night, with internally illuminated directional signs

Benefits of the Soluxio solar illuminated traffic signs

Monitor remotely

The Soluxio technology makes it possible for you to remotely monitor the solar-powered road signs. Because all Soluxio solar poles are 4G/LTE connected, you can easily track its performance on a user-friendly interface. Also an API connection is possible. As you can imagine, this makes asset management a lot easier and more cost-efficient.

Quick RoI

Because the Soluxio directional road sign completely works on solar power, you do not have to run costly electric wires to connect the Soluxio with the power grid. This eliminates the need for obstructive roadblocks and expensive trenching.  So the money you save during installation alone, already makes this a smart investment.

Every road sign applicable

The Soluxio illuminated sign post can be used for every kind of signage. For example, use the Soluxio for solar illuminated street signs, traffic signs, warning sign or directional signs. Also, the Soluxio is adaptable to all kinds of accepted road signs in different countries. So feel free to customize the Soluxio to your requirements.

Anti blackout

Because the Soluxio solar-powered traffic signs work on solar energy, they are power grid independent. So in any case of a power blackout, the Soluxio will continue to function as normal. Furthermore, the Soluxio system knows exactly how to manage the solar power as effectively and efficiently as possible. This makes it a reliable solution for road users and road safety.


Also check out the Soluxio solar road signs at a prime location in the Netherlands, here.

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