Soluxio OEM platform - ship in harbour

Soluxio: the OEM solar pole

Your application, solar powered

Solar street lighting is just the tip of the iceberg of the Soluxio’s potential. The Soluxio solar pole is a mobile and autonomous electricity source that can be used to power a wide variety of applications. From wireless IoT sensor networks for big data gathering to mobile antennas for remote communication. The solar pole is equipped to support surveillances cameras, or may even serve as a marine buoy for gathering water or air quality data. Highly efficient and stylish to boot: Soluxio is the perfect OEM platform for your situation.

The Soluxio solar OEM platform allows you to perfectly integrate your system in a single elegant post. The modular design is constructed from various marine-grade aluminium extrusion profiles, which allows you to tailor the pole to your requirements. Our certified solar technology and high-capacity lithium batteries form a reliable, wireless power supply for your application. Are you interested in integrating your technology with the Soluxio solar pole? Please fill out the inquiry form below.

No cabling means quick and simple installation. (Re)moving the Soluxio solar OEM platform is easy.

The vertical orientation takes up little space and makes the solar panels self-cleaning.

The modular aluminium profile design allows for easy integration of your application(s).

Zero CO2 emission during operational life due to 100% renewable energy.


Are you interested in the possibilities for integrating your product in our Soluxio solar powered column? Please send us your request by filling out the inquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.