Soluxio solar light pole street light in smart city New York

Smart city sensors

Connect streetlights to the Internet of Things

Smart city technologies increase the accessibility, quality of life, and safety in urban environments. The global trend of urbanization creates interesting challenges for governments and urban planners, which can be solved by modern technology. Innovative sensors and clever data analysis helps to organise life as we know it.

Street lights will play a pivotal role in the development of smart cities. A simple adjustment to the current infrastructure of cities transforms the streets into a network for smart city applications. Public lighting can help the city monitor and respond to traffic congestion, air quality, noise pollution and more.

WiFi access point

Weather station


Motion detection


and more!

A network of sensors for the smart city

The open, universal databus of the Soluxio makes it the ideal platform for smart city technology. Every solar light post is equipped with its own SIM card in order to communicate wirelessly over the internet. The secured data connection receives orders from its operators as well as transmits the sensors’ measurements. Operators wirelessly gather the data they need to optimize the way of life in the city. For example, traffic flow can be monitored and controlled to increase accessibility.

The Soluxio’s operational hatch is situated on ground-level, where sensors can easily be inserted – even after installation. If there is a need for more functionalities or a new type of sensor, the Soluxio can support it. Access to the data generated by the sensors can also be given to third party smart city platforms. With this smart technology and ability to sense the city, the Soluxio solar light post is a useful member of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Enable internet access

By integrating a WiFi hotspot in the Soluxio, each street light can provide access to the internet. Powerful WiFi mesh networking capabilities make the Soluxio a great WiFi range extender. This creates a local network with endless possibilities. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can even use the Soluxio’s technology to expand their services.

Even in locations without a connection to the internet, a 4G mobile router can turn the Soluxio into an off-grid access point. With its capacity for advanced connectivity, the Soluxio solar light post brings the Internet of Things to everyone out-of-doors. Through the integration of optional features, such as a USB charging station, Soluxio brings connectivity to the people. Soluxio connects the world of today with the city of the future.

Smart lighting

Soluxio is the smartest solar street light pole in the market. The lights can be controlled from any location with a simple click on the button. Even after the street lights are installed their lighting scheme can be reconfigured or adjusted. In case of an emergency, thick mist or even a solar eclipse, the Soluxio can enhance public safety with more light output. If necessary, the Soluxio can also be dimmed, for example at times of less traffic.